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12 Rules to Increase Your Klout Score

While I never really thought that increasing Klout score should be anywhere near the top of my agenda, reading Mark Schaefer’s post made me think twice. Are people really denied jobs because of their Klout scores? Have some companies really decided to start putting so much weight on inaccurate platforms that they are deciding people’s futures based on artificial scores? This may be the case. And if it is, I think that people should be armed with information to game the game, and increase their Klout scores.

I went out and did a little research. Increasing your Klout score is basically a social networking game. And like all games, this one has rules. So here are 12 rules to increase your Klout score.

Increase Klout Score

Rule #1: Register and Connect Your Accounts.

The very first step to increase your Klout score is to actually register with Klout and connect your social networking accounts. This will make it easier for Klout to track you and analyze just how wonderful you are.

Rule #2: Create Shareable Content.

This goes without saying. I’m not going to reiterate that content is king, because it’s been said countless times before (and actually I just did reiterate it). The more your content is shared across social media platforms the better your Klout score. But for it to be shared you need to create things worth sharing. Something Corbett Barr would label as “Epic Shit.”

Rule #3: Make it Easily Shareable.

Provide social buttons in convenient places. I have social sharing buttons before the content, after the content, and a Sharebar stalking you all the way down the page…staring at you…making you uncomfortable about not sharing (so ease your nerves by clicking it now!).

I personally use the 1-click Retweet/Share/Like plugin. I had SexyBookmarks at one point because they were, well, sexy. But I dislike plugins that require an extra step. The SexyBookmarks plugin required readers to click the button, then allow the application to connect to your account, then you could share. So I switched. Now you click, and you share. Yes, the difference is just one extra click, but anything to make it easier for my readers ;).

Rule #4: Create Content More Often.

If you are really good at pumping out great content you should create it more often. This allows your readers, followers, and fans to share your content more often. If you can’t increase the frequency of good content then don’t. Putting out shit doesn’t help your Klout score nor your website.

Rule #5. Increase Your Followers.

Klout judges how many people follow you. But just having an immense amount of followers on Twitter won’t do the trick. You need a good follower to followed ratio. Meaning you want to be followed by a lot of people, but you don’t want to follow that many.

This may make you think that Klout is promoting spammy activities like auto-following thousands of people and un-following those that don’t follow you. There’s plenty of software applications that do that for you. But wait…

Rule #6. Idle Followers Don’t Help.

Having a small circle of contacts, but one that is active in promoting you and interacting with you, is better than having a huge network of people that don’t care. A high rate of Retweets of your Tweets is very favorable.

Having 10,000 followers on Twitter that don’t even know you exist won’t help you in your cause very much. But having a few hundred that will Re-Tweet you, promote your content, and talk to you, does help. It is better to be an influencer in a small circle than get lost in a large one.

Rule #7. Get People to Talk.

To avoid getting lost in the mix try to connect with people that have mutual interests. This increases your chance of getting Retweeted because your connections will actually be interested in what you have to say.

You should also spark up conversations. Just ask as many people as you can how their day is going on Twitter. Many will reply. And to reply they will have to mention you. And Klout loves mentions.

Note: Asking just any old question doesn’t guarantee a result. Ask questions that people will respond to. People are more likely to respond to questions of a personal manner than those that are clearly promotion-related.

Get active in Retweeting others and responding to their questions (especially the influencers). More likely than not they will give you a shout-out to say thanks. Mentions by high-profile individuals are great.

Rule #8. Get People to Like You.

Likes on Facebook are important, just like Retweets on Twitter. If you have a personal account connected to Klout you probably have a lot of personal friends on that account. Post some links to your work and ask them to click the “like” button. Many will oblige.

Klout will also be coming out with Facebook Pages soon. That means you can connect your website page to Klout.

When this feature rolls out getting “likes” for your page shouldn’t be too difficult either. There are many groups that will participate in what I like to call “mutual-benefit liking sessions.” In other words members will “like” your page if you “like” there’s. You can find a few of these on LinkedIn.

Rule #9. Be Careful Who You Connect To.

Klout is very shallow. It really likes the cool kids at the dance and tries to hang out with them as much as possible. And it wants you to do the same. And if you don’t, it judges you.

So when you are connecting to people on social networks, try to connect to as many high-profile individuals as possible. And get them to talk to you and mention you (see Rule #7).

A simple way to figure out who Klout considers high-profile:  If they have a high Klout score, Klout considers them high-profile (oh Klout, how egotistical!).

The reasoning for this, of course, is clear. This is a safeguard against individuals befriending everyone and everything, including inactive accounts, in order to artificially bump up their Klout score (see Rule #5).

This has an adverse effect on what Srinivas Rao likes to call “digital babies.” These are individuals new to the scene. They do not yet have the pull or influence because they have just started on their journey. But these could be some brilliant people. Everyone gets a start somewhere, right? Klout should be promoting their growth, not stifling it!

Solution: Ignore this rule. Klout score is great, but making genuine connections with real people is more important. If you find someone interesting and want to connect with them…connect with them. Don’t let Klout dictate your online connections.

Rule #10: Take Part in Trending Topics

Take part in trending topics on Twitter and make good use of hash-tags (that’s those lovely # signs you see all over the place). This helps you increase your involvement in conversation and exposes you to all sorts of audiences – even if they don’t follow you.

Rule #11: Give People +K

Klout breaks out different categories in which you influence people. So sign into Klout and give people +K for whatever category you feel they deserve recognition in. Maybe they’ll return the favor.

Klout claims that receiving +K doesn’t increase your Klout score. But do you really believe that? Ok…maybe you do…but it still feels good to receive those Ks doesn’t it?

Rule #12: Join Triberr!

If you are not a part of Triberr yet, why not???  Let me know…I still have some invites.

Triberr connects you to other bloggers and allows you to mutually promote each other. Being a part of a community like this, alone, can drastically increase your Klout score.

Bonus Rule: Retweet this!

Want to increase your Klout score? Start by sharing this post! I will thank you :).


Your Two Cents:

In the end, you can increase you Klout score, step-by-step, by doing what you should be doing with social media. Of course Klout is still somewhat new and not everyone takes the time to get on there. So I find it very troublesome that some companies can actually look at it as a factor in hiring. But following the steps above can get you on the fast-lane to a high Klout score.

Do you think that companies are right to look at Klout score as an important attribute in the hiring process? Are you on Klout yet? If you are, what do you think of Klout? Have you made a conscious decision to attempt to increase your Klout score?

78 Responses to 12 Rules to Increase Your Klout Score

  1. Jon Florio says:

    Great post! I’ve read a lot of advice about increasing Klout, but i learn something new from everyone. When I get home from work, I’m definitely looking into Triberr more!

    • Eugene says:

      Thanks Jon! Definitely look at Triberr when you get home. It’s a great way to connect with people you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

      • Jon Florio says:

        Very interesting site! I would love to get an invitation if you still have some? Let me know if you need any other information from me for it

        • Eugene says:

          I’ve gotten a lot of requests for invites – way more than I anticipated at first.

          I’m going to have to go through all of the requests to see the quality people are putting out. Gotta keep Triberr rocking with good content!

  2. Thanks for the article! I’d be happy to accept a Triberr invite :)

    • Eugene says:

      Hey Kim, thanks for stopping by. I’ll check out your blog as soon as I’m done writing for the day.

  3. Eugene! This was an awesome post man! Greta tips! I’ll be honest with you bro! I had no clue what the hell Klout was. In the last hour I have gone over to checkout Marks post you reference and created my own Klout profile – this tuff is addicting! Haha.

    Now, Im trying to figure out ways or thing I can do to increase my clout score to match some of the top dogs (you’re one of them 😉 ) out there! Thanks for writing this post Eugene. I would be really interested to figure out how the all of the metrics for generating these scores are collected and calculate. Looks like I may be looking more into this.

    Anyway, hey I remember a while bac you sent me an invite on triberr but got distracted and never acted upon it! (that was my bad). If you still have some invites left care to send me one? :)

    • Eugene says:

      That’s the thing I find so ridiculous about basing hiring decisions on something like a Klout score…especially this early in the game. Not everyone has even heard of it!

      Actually, the only reason I heard of it was because a while back I had a similar idea to what they do and went to research if something like that already exists…and unfortunately it does. But at least I got a nice long post out of it :)

      You’ve got a Triberr invite coming your way my friend. Check your direct messages on Twitter. I sent one through Triberr to there, not sure if it went through or not. If not I’ll send you one through email.

      • Yeah, Absolutely feel where you are coming from! Let’s see how this plays out. I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty big. It’s bizzarre however, that companies are using this tool to determine whether you are compatible for a specific job, as you mentioned.

        Do you know if it’s particular to an industry!?

        Thanks for sending the invite. I just went over to twitter and didn’t find your original invite. It may have gotten deleted while cleaning out my inbox, though! Sorry!

        • Eugene says:

          Ok, take 3 :)

          Just sent you an e-mail through Triberr. If that doesn’t work let me know. I think I can just give you the invite code and you can sign up with it.

          I’m assuming that, as far as jobs go, the focus is mainly on internet marketing and social media jobs.

        • Eugene says:

          Oh never, just got notice that you joined. Scratch that last comment :)

  4. Ellen Clark says:

    Thanks for the information about Klout. I joined awhile ago but I was afraid to link to my Facebook page as I never has a personal account and only started a page for my business 6 months ago. There are only 20 likes there. LOL. So I thought this low number of followers would lower my score. Do you know if this would be true? Also I worry when these sights say they can connect to your account and even make posts there. Scary stuff. Is anyone else worried?

    I would welcome an invitation

    • Eugene says:

      Is this a page or “person” account? I don’t think they’ve rolled out pages quite yet. But I’m assuming having even one “like” is better than not having anything at all.

      I don’t think Klout will be posting anything to your accounts. It’s just a legal formality.

      But yes, I’m with you, I was always very wary of connecting any apps to any of my accounts.

      I didn’t realize the requests for Triberr invites were going to start pouring in. I’ll have to run through all the blogs before I send them out.

  5. I’m looking for a social media support group like this. Lately my Klout score has been falling, and I’m looking for something LEGIT to help support it. I know that I’m ready for FB fan pages to be part of the equation. That’s where I get all of my love

    • Eugene says:

      I haven’t been as active with Facebook as I should be. I think was more active with it before I got into the online business realm…go figure.

      But I think it’ll definitely help out a lot of people’s scores that use Facebook solely for business purposes.

  6. Love it – putting out sh-t is never the way to go. (Also, it is rarely shared.) Very useful post; reminds me to do something for my FB likes. I’m dead in the water on that one ;-(

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Saul, thanks for stopping by.

      I’ve been pretty much ignoring Facebook too. I know I shouldn’t be because a lot of people get a lot of traffic from their pages.

      I guess it’s just something else to add to my to-do list.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post. It took me a while to do. It was a conscious effort on my part to stop putting out shit. So hopefully more good stuff coming shortly 😉

  7. Great post, I like Klout and it’s UK rival PeerIndex, it’s good to know who’s who and who’s doing what in social media.

    I highly recommend using Klout on your Twitter feed and adding a Hoverme Hovercard so you can see everything about people, all their SM connections and even their Empire Avenue price.

    Great article, appreciate it!

    I’ve heard that people in the USA are being hired based on their Klout score?? True or just a rumour??

    Great to see Saul here, he’s BIG into Triberr and doesn’t impress too easy!

    All the best Eugene, regards Peter

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Peter, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      I’ll have to check out those tools, I’ve never heard of them before.

      I was in shock when I read it on Marks’ blog, but apparently that really does happen. Can you believe that?!?

      I think that just goes to show that a lot of companies realize that they need to start creating an online presence but are VERY clueless as to how to go about it.

  8. Gayle says:

    Thanks for a very helpful blog post – would appreciate a Triberr invite.

  9. Thanks for continung the conversation Eugene. I’m sure it won’t be the end of it : )

    • Eugene says:

      My pleasure Mark. It’s an honor to have you here.

      I was in shock when you mentioned those stories of people not getting jobs because of their Klout score.

      So I figured that if someone’s livelihood is hanging on something so silly they should know how to play the game (or find an employer that knows what they’re doing :)).

  10. I just hosted a social media live chat today and Klout came up a lot! I got a 64 Klout rating without doing much for it – only tweeting 25,000+ times and having almost 15,000 followers – but I hadn’t optimized it. This article will help me do that, thanks! :)

    I’d love a Triberr invite!

    • Eugene says:

      That’s a lot of tweets and followers!!

      And hosting a social media live chat will definitely do the trick. It get’s a lot of people talking with/about you and mentioning you.

      That’s a good one to add to the list.

  11. Hi Eugene,

    I have actually just registered at Klout, and although I haven’t really done anything yet… I have read about it, and understand the importance of it in the long run.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this. I’m going to take action as soon as I get back home (just a few more days left of the vacation).


    • Eugene says:

      Admittedly I haven’t done much with it either because I didn’t really think it was that important.

      Then I read Mark’s post and it shocked me. So I decided to do some research and this is what I came up with.

      That leaves you just a few more days to get your son to like pizza!

  12. Marlee says:

    Hey Eugene!
    Thanks for this Klout post. I haven’t kept up with it much so I really appreciate the suggestions.

    I didn’t even know you could give people a K+1. I like that idea. I’ll be making some K+1 rounds soon!

    • Eugene says:

      Yeah, I didn’t put much focus on Klout either until recently.

      They claim that giving anyone +K doesn’t really do anything for their Klout score…but who knows. Either way it feels good to receive the recognition :).

  13. Kris Olin says:

    Great post about KLOUT. I went and created my KLOUT account immediately. Looks like my starting score is 32. Don’t know if its bad or good yet. I also checked out Triberr. I wonder if they will let me join.

    Keep up the good work Eugene!


    • Eugene says:

      I can’t remember what the standard starting point is. I’ve seen people with lower scores but I think they weren’t account holders on Klout. So maybe they bump you up once you create an account? Not sure.

      Your score will increase pretty rapidly from that point once you connect your social networks and Klout starts tracking your activity.

  14. Matt Smith says:

    Hi Eugene,

    I’ve been using Klout for a while. I find it a great tool to see how well I am advertising my website. The more my score grows, the better I am advertising my site and getting my voice heard.

    • Eugene says:

      I think that’s a great way to use Klout, and probably one of the uses it was intended for. Of course, it’s not perfect, but at least it’s a way to measure and benchmark your activity.

      The problem I have is with the companies that actually take that score seriously enough to hire or not hire people. That’s just insane to me.

  15. Erica says:

    Thank you for this Eugene! I found it very helpful. I’m already part of the Tribe “Modern Life Blogs”. Can do with another invite, if you have any left?

    Will definitely keep coming back to this blog :)

  16. Lynn Brown says:

    Great tips here Eugene on building your Klout score. I have to tell you that I started on Klout 8/16/10 and grew my score today to 63. If I knew more of how the Klout score worked I probably would have built it much faster.

    However, the key is ‘stay social’ and be yourself. Don’t spam, learn to listen and have good content that you are sharing without all the sales pitches. You will find many people connecting, following and becoming friends.

    I will be happy to share this information you share here Eugene with my fans, followers and clients. Good stuff!

    • Eugene says:

      Thanks Lynn!

      You’re definitely right that all you have to do is just stay social and your Klout score will increase.

      The reason I felt the need to write this post is because I found it absolutely astounding that people’s jobs and livelihoods depending something so silly.

      Especially considering that Klout is still relatively new and many people don’t even have an account!

      So I figured if people are just joining now they should have a set of guidelines to speed up the process of increasing their score.

  17. Claire says:

    Thanks Eugene,

    Great piece and especially interested in Triberr if you have any invites still>


    • Eugene says:

      Hi Claire,

      I have gotten an overwhelming amount of inquiries about Triberr. Shoot me an email through the contact form with a link to your blog so I can check it out.

  18. This is a terrific post. Thanks!

  19. This is awesome! Thanks for posting this kind of informative blog. Invite me too please.

    • Eugene says:

      Thanks Rachell. I’ve gotten a huge response with people that want Triberr invites. I need to review all of them before any invitations are sent out as to not jeopardize the integrity of Triberr. Shoot me an email with more info through the contact form (blog name, address, etc).

  20. Awesome techniques. Thanks a lot for the knowledge :)

  21. Sassy Stew says:

    Thanks for the great post! Also, I would LOVE a Triberr invite if you have any left. :)

  22. Still not convinced that Klout offers anything of relevance other than to stroke the ego of those with a huge Klout score. Klout also seems easily “gamed” .. in other words if you decide to increase your score with specific tactics, you can. So how does that help anyone?

    • Eugene says:

      I’ll be honest, I’m not convinced either. In fact this post was really all about how to game it :). I think it’s a bit ludicrous for companies to base any sort of decision on someone’s Klout score. Just trying to give people some ammunition :).

  23. Hey Eugene:

    If you have any more tribber invites please end one my way. About to GREATLY expand my blog and you help would be GREAT! Thanks.


  24. Ilka Flood says:

    Hi Eugene,

    These are some awesome tips! Great information that I will definitely take to heart. The main takeaway is “getting people to talk” as the more you interact with and engage people the higher your Klout Score. It all boils down to great content!

    Thank you so much for sharing these!


    • Eugene says:

      Hi Ilka, thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the post. Trying to keep that great content coming! :)

  25. blank t shirt says:

    i m very happy to know about the post that there are such sites are also available.thanks for sharing.

  26. eGichomo says:

    Hi, Kindly invite me to triberr.. I’m on @eGichomo on twitter, thanks.

  27. Sam Fiorella says:

    If people spent the same abount of time building the products and business as they do their Klout scores, they’d not need a high Klout score. Just saying.

    • Eugene says:

      I wish I could disagree with you Sam (wait…no I don’t :)). You’re 100% correct. And for any company to base hiring decisions on an arbitrary score is absolutely ludicrous.

  28. I just started with Klout and was clueless. This article was very helpful in enlightening me. I would love an invite to Triberr if still available. Thanks

  29. Selfish Mom says:

    I was loving this post until #12. Normally I don’t promote my own posts in someone else’s comments section, but it took me an entire post to explain why I think Triberr is a terrible idea. I don’t doubt for a second that it increases Klout scores, but you’ve shown in #9 that to get the most out of twitter you sometimes have to do things that are counterproductive to increasing your Klout score.

    • Eugene says:

      Hi Amy,

      I think a lot of the criticisms of Triberr can be legitimate, but it’s important to remember that it is just a tool. And a tool only works as well as you use it. There are options to put tribe mates on manual, so you can review posts first. It has also become more than just sharing tweets on Twitter. When I joined I joined one of the biggest tribes in the whole network and gained exposure to some awesome people I didn’t know, and probably wouldn’t have known, otherwise. I’m really happy I joined and have never second-guessed the decision.

      • Selfish Mom says:

        I’m glad you’re happy with it – a lot of people I know are – but it’s stinking up my stream so it’s blocked. Now I’m missing the good links along with the bad from those people.

        • Eugene says:

          Hmm, yeah. I can definitely see how it can get annoying. But if people start ignoring the Triberr tweets from those individuals they should take notice and change their tactics.

  30. To be honest I’m not really with the idea of klout scores, yes it has some of its uses but also has some bad ones too. I guess we just have to accept it for what it is, and just work on it as well as everything else. Great tips by the way! You have some good information on your blog. Glad I stumbled into it. :)

    • Eugene says:

      I’m not really completely into it either…that’s really one of the main reasons that I wrote this post. It shows you how to “game the game” and increase your score in case you have to deal with people that DO take it seriously.

  31. Ayush Gupta says:

    Rule #5 works great

  32. Siddharth says:

    I believe “Increase Your Followers” point has no effect on klout score.

    Sharing retweetable content is a good way always :)

  33. Your article really make sense. I’m satisfy by the way you brought out ideas. keep on posting!

  34. I don’t think about my Klout score until I get one of those emails letting me know it’s been updated. I must admit it bothers me when I see that it has dropped several points. Not sure why, but it does. I need to find bigger things to think about!

    • Eugene says:

      There’s definitely better things to think about. Unfortunately I don’t see Klout going away. And maybe if they can somehow become more accurate (not sure how or if that’s even possible), they are only going to be looked at as a more legitimate source of information.