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Infectious Reality: 5 Ways to Spread Your Influence and Get Your Blog Noticed

Get Your Blog Noticed

Sure we are trying to create our own reality. But what good is having a reality of your own if no one else wants to buy into it? Not any good at all!   …And that may land you in the loony bin.

So our goal now becomes to spread our reality like wild fire. Like a mosquito flying from one person to the next infecting them with your influence. We want our reality to be infectious!

How do we accomplish this impossible feat? First by realizing it is not impossible. Let your mind do the infecting; let your finger tips do the talking…start typing away.

So how do we start infecting? How do we get noticed?

Notice Others

The best way to get noticed is reciprocity. You think you’re the only who wants to be noticed? You’re not the only wallflower looking to sprout and blossom out there.

Notice others and they will notice you. Have you noticed some of the guys making HUGE strides in popularity recently?

Look at Peter J of This 16 year old kid is rockin’ it hard on the net. He is dominating with a purpose.

I couldn’t tell you how many blogs I’ve seen his comments on recently…but I can tell you it would take a lot more than 2 hands to count. I can start using my feet but no one wants to see that.

Sure there are people that use commenting strictly as a backlinking strategy. And how impressive is a pointless comment?

Notice others, make comments of value on their blog and begin building relationships. That will catapult you to the Moon. Meanwhile the guys using comments strictly for backlinking will be lucky to get out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Notice Others Some More

Currently I am working on interview question(s) I would like to ask some of the influential internet personalities?


Because I am interested and want to know stuff about them. And because by taking notice of them I will be in a better position to get noticed myself.

Jacob of used this tactic to perfection when he asked 48 online authorities to reveal their most “unrealistic” accomplishments.

The popularity of his blog would have won the Olympic high jump medal after this post. He noticed others…and people noticed him.

Mind Pornography.

You want to leave people feeling good. Just today I heard about a study about sex that explained why porn is ruining male sex lives.

Now, I don’t believe by any stretch of the imagination that porn is bad or evil or ruining anything. But the premise of the study caught my attention. It stated that men and women create an emotional bond through sex. Having sex releases all them feel good juices that make your brain go haywire (don’t blush). Eventually individuals begin to associate those damn good feelings with their partner.

Effect of Pornography

The study went on to say men get addicted to porn because at some point they begin to associate these feelings with the pornography…not their partner.   —we’re going to ignore this part of the study because it has nothing to do with anything. But as a side note…if you want you’re relationship to work: HAVE MORE SEX!

At this point I’m sure you’ve caught on to where I’m going with this…because you’re a smart little cookie aren’t you?

Leave your visitors feeling great and they will keep coming back for more! You want them associating your blog with orgasmic feelings! Infect them with a digital STD! …Can you accomplish feel-good hormone release to this extent through a blog? I sure hope not. But you get the idea.

An Image is Worth a Thousand Infections

So you’re the greatest writer since Shakespeare decided to pick up a pen and start inventing words. Images are still worth more. Great images are worth even more than more. Great images will grab a reader’s attention. This is insanely important in a society where most readers have the attention spans of a toddler and tend to “F” what they are reading?

“F” what they are reading?  Explained here.

Also important is the fact that images give the reader a break from the monotony of reading and scanning the content line by line. Spice things up a bit!

P.S. Videos are worth most.

Spread the Epidemic

You want your influence to wash over the internet like an asteroid-induced tsunami wave. You are not going to be able to accomplish this on your own.

What sets apart an epidemic from a non-communicable disease? The communicable part! Or in our instance: Communication. Epidemics spread from individual to individual. This means that you have to infect one person and make it easy for them to spread it around.

Include tools that make it easy for readers to share the wealth you are providing them through Facebook and Twitter. Now you have not only infected an individual with awesomeness…but their whole community as well.

The difference between you and the plague?

You are not spreading disease. You are helping your readers.

You are not spreading through rats. You are spreading through the free will of individuals looking for a better reality.

The individuals you infect are better off than they were before. They don’t die.

The individuals you infect smell better :)


So…are you ready to go viral yet? What other techniques do you use to spread your influence?

19 Responses to Infectious Reality: 5 Ways to Spread Your Influence and Get Your Blog Noticed

  1. Awesome write up ,especially about “notice others” , blogging in its most natural form is a community feeling and if we dont give back to the community we cant to get anything in return

    • eugene says:

      Rohan, I completely agree! This is why I have written before about the numbers game people play. Following people on Twitter randomly to build their own following. Or commenting just for the sake of backlinks. That doesn’t do anyone any good.

      Building real relationships and putting in your 2 cents because you are genuinely interested will take you farther than any “system” can.

  2. Lisa says:


    I agree 100% with continuing to notice and acknowledge people. Honestly, that has been the #1 strategy for me getting new traffic and readers.


    • eugene says:

      As it should be! In any business (assuming you are treating your blog as a business) it is all about networking. Networking means you have to actually make connections with people.

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa! Hope to see more of you.

  3. Peter says:

    Thanks Eugene for mentioning me!
    As for my excessive commenting, it’s all a bit of give and take. I’ll just have to wait and see if it is all worth the effort.

    • eugene says:

      No problem Peter. I give credit where credit is due. And noticing those who deserved to be noticed.

      And it is clear from the comments you make that you actually read the content. You don’t just leave “thanks for posting this” comments. Judging by the popularity your blog is gaining…seems like it might be worth the effort :)

  4. Devesh says:

    What an awesome post eugene. I really like the point about notice others.

    Blog commenting is one of the awesome way to build relationship with author of a blog.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great post.

    Btw. You should use conditional cpatcha or GASP Plugin, they are much better then the si-captcha plugin.

    • eugene says:

      Thanks for stopping by Devesh. And thanks for the suggestions. I was actually looking into GASP…it seems to be a lot more user friendly for the commenter. I think I’ll be switching to that.

      Hope to see more of you here!

  5. Hi Eugene!

    Awesome post! You are right about Peter, he is gaining much exposure through commenting and he doing extremely well :). Digital STD? I like the term you have introduced here :). Juicy information.

    • eugene says:

      Hey Rammesh,

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the post…the term just kind of popped into my head as I was typing and seemed like a good way to describe things lol.

      Hope to see more of you here!

  6. Richard says:

    Reciprocity is the number one key to getting noticed. When you talk about others and leave good comments, it tends to get your blog noticed as well. This is why social media sites are so helpful to blogs, they are a good way to share with each other and spread the word.

    • eugene says:

      Totally agree Richard,

      I think that we live in a new era of communication and community. The best way to market or get the word out about anything is to make connections with individuals. That’s why Twitter and Facebook have experienced the explosion they have, and have been utilized by companies.

      That is why so many companies are also utilizing blogs. They are all platforms to connect with people.

  7. This is so well-written and it it is such a cleverly elaborated post. Really, really great read- I am going to tweet it right now! Thanks for sharing

  8. I’ve always thought that if you can help someone else achieve their goals you will reach yours.

    Interview questions are cool but how about getting people to co-create content with you. Work with someone to create an awesome white paper or ebook or blog article that digs deeper into one issue your interested in. Combine your knowledge and ideas to create something you can both promote and generate engagement in.

    Great post Eugene

    • Eugene says:

      That is an awesome idea. Of course I think that in order to combine efforts with someone you have to have your identity first. So it takes a bit of time to network and get to know people and establish your identity/brand. Then it’s on! All in due time :)

  9. You make some great points in this. I feel like image and finding something to catch the surfer’s eye is the first impression you have to make. I think it’s important to go viral because that’s what this world is coming to. From watching movies online, buying music, and even reading books! Who knew 20 years ago we would be reading books from an electronic device? Thanks for sharing your wisdom, wise man!

    • Eugene says:

      Thank you Stephanie :). Not sure I would consider myself very wise just yet, but I’m working on it.

      Today’s society caters to a small attention span. Catching people’s attention is of the utmost importance.

      It really is crazy that you can read an entire novel on a tiny screen you hold in your hands. Although to me it’s just not the same. I think actually flipping the pages of a book is a more personal experience.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with your first tip. I agree that giving back the love and the attention is a good way to get noticed. A great way that I’ve seen is the keywordluv/commentluv plugin. It benefits both the blogger and it fans/readers/followers.